Fall 2021 Inspiration - Jaipur and beyond

Travel is one of the things we have missed most since the pandemic began in March 2020. While many places have re-opened with different requirements and air travel continues to remain a challenge, slowly but surely we are beginning to (cautiously) move around once again.

As a brand that is wholly inspired by the experience of new places and sensations and cherishes returning to far-away places we love, we hope that means we will be able to visit our partners in India soon.

For those of you who do not know, all of items are made by a select group of small businesses that we partner with in region of Jaipur, India.

Jaipur, also know as the Pink City, was founded in 1727 by by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and let his name to the city. (Jai - Jaipur... did you catch that?) We've read that it was one of the first planned cities of Indian and it does certainly have a deep love for symmetry and geometric repetition which in turn inspires many of our block prints.

This Fall in particular we chose to celebrate deeper reds and burgundies that can be found throughout the city (like the doorframe here.)

We love the mix of floral and geometry that can be seen in the smallest details, like this lampshade. We find that when we are traveling our senses are heightened and unexpected corners can bring a fresh wave of ideas and hues that are then reflected in our prints.

This is another image we love and are inspired by! Both the linked rings and the claret tones from this train remind us of our beloved and inspiring India is a constant mix of old and new. Our Petra print in our Fall 2021 collection shares a shade or two with this image as does our Sonia Long Dress in Tamara (Burgundy, of course.)

Nowhere are the many shades of India present that in its wide range of every day spices. The range of yellows from the bright gold of turmeric to the muted pale yellow of ginger and beyond can be seen in the mustard and citron shades of some of our Fall prints. Visit the Shop and see how many you can find!

Happy hunting and happy travels to those who are back on the road, we hope to join you soon!

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