Inspo / Production Trip to Jaipur - March 2022

All of our dresses and tops are created in India, it's really where our products are born. We work with a number of craft-people who help us find the perfect cotton fabrics and prints that we will use. Sometimes we design them ourselves and sometimes we stumble across an existing pattern that we love and we will find a way to incorporate it into that season's color-ways. Here are a few images from our trip that reflect the inspiration we find everywhere we look.

This lovely block print has many of the elements we include in our own prints, like contrasting colors, delicate shading and the curved petals that are typical of the florals created by traditional Indian techniques.

We especially liked that deep forest green in the back and the pale baby-blue accents that really set off the coral blossoms.

We thought these little fish were a naive and adorable print too, we especially liked the different types of scales. Attention to tiny detail is something we often find on our field trips, as are high-quality materials.

As you can imagine, blue is one of our favorite colors (our logo might be a dead giveaway) and we fell in love with these gorgeous new prints.

In addition to scouting prints, our annual trips also give us a chance to meet with our manufacturers, discuss best practices and how we can improve together and basically just check in. While email and Skype are great ways to keep business relationships going, there is nothing like one on one time with a cup of tea to recenter and learn from one another.

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